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Before and After School Care
Music Programs

Before and After School Care

Explore Schools Out!

Welcome to Schools Out! Your before and after school care services. Our program, offered at Holy Cross Primary School, provides a safe, supportive and engaging environment for your child outside of regular school hours. With a focus on fun activities and nutritious snacks, Schools Out! ensures that every child enjoys a fulfilling and enriching experience. Visit our website today to learn more about our program and how we can support your family's childcare needs.




School's Out! Website

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Music Programs

Discover the Ranges Music Network!

Welcome to the Ranges Music Network, your gateway to enriching music education programs for children of all ages. Our platform offers a diverse array of opportunities for children to explore their musical talents, learn new instruments, join vocal ensembles, and participate in engaging workshops. With experienced instructors and a passion for fostering a love of music, the Ranges Music Network is your partner in inspiring creativity and musical expression. Visit us today at to discover the joy of making music!

Ranges Music Network Website

Ranges Music Network Facebook Page